It felt like a million years since the last time that i cried properly. Its like a thunderstorm coming, unstoppable. It’s painful to the point that my chest is going to explode, i can’t stop myself from sobbing and falling. I bet all the stresses, pain and memories just waited for that moment, when i heard the song, to burst.

How long has it been?

Yeah, i did shed tears in between, momentous, with shaky voice and facial expressions that never lie.

I did shed tears, when i left the country, coming to a cold, fierce land that would surely tear my vulnerable heart apart.

I did shed tears, when i broke up with my ex, the one who loved me the most, and hurt me still, the most.

I did shed tears, when I found out i got myself into a relationship that will not come to an end. Still, i pity myself.

But that’s it.

“When I close my eyes, I remember that kiss, so I’d rather keep them wide open
And if I miss that train do you really think that even here, I’d be closer to you
So here I am leaving soon and standing at gate 22
Cause whatever you may think I forgot, you know I’m still thinking about it
Sometimes I wish I could stay…
But no matter where I go, no matter how long, you know I’ll keep hanging on.
Sweet memories
I’m leaving but my mind will surely stay, at gate 22″

The story is getting predictable. You fall for a guy, then one of you go away, for once or for good. The other walk you to the airport, gives you a kiss and tell you he would wait, and you pretend to believe in his words, feel the throb in your chest like someone is squeezing the hell out of you heart.

This song is painfully beautiful.

It hurts every time, when you leave the person at the place, you know that you will not go back, and he will not going to chase after you.

Yeah, i feel much better now.

I had needed this cry for so long.