Đã qua rồi, những ngày nắng, những đêm mưa : )


He hates this singer.

He claimed that he was a better singer than her.

He hates it when i like listening to another person singing.

Thinking of him a lot lately.

Memories came up and dissolved into thin air. Yeah, its true that everything seems like just happened yesterday. The smell of new leaves brings me back to the trips we had in the past.

But, I don’t feel like dying when i think of him anymore : )

Somehow, i really do think that i deserve more than that.

Sorry anh, when i told you that i will change everything to be able to go back to you, i didn’t think much.

As most of our misunderstandings were never solved… I don’t think i’m that bad as you said i was… And as I’m willing to love you just the way you are, i don’t think you would take me as i am.

The barrier between us, you make it up, you overestimate it, and you let it tear us apart.

I’m sorry. I don’t think you loved me as much as you said.

🙂 farewell my love. I wish we meet somewhere in another life, where we don’t have such barriers and we have balls to overcome those shits.