About me and my dream of a family.

Wake the fuck up, you’re not an ordinary girl. No man with the right mind would want to marry you. Lemme tell you why:

You’re not pretty. You have no boobs. Even a guy has bigger boobs than you do. Either you have your tits done, or accept the fact that being an ugly girl with no boobs sucks.

When girl are not pretty, they are girly and they talk sweet. You are not feminine. Other than that, you curse, you drink, you dance, you tell people to shut the fuck up. That aint right.

You’re not family oriented. Oh yeah, wanting to have a family is nothing when you’re not obedient, you raise your voice when there’s something that you don’t like. Please, guys don’t fucking care about that. Neither do his family.

You’re ambitious like hell. You burn yourself with goals and passion. Where the hell is the time you spend for your family? Who cares if you have status, fame, respect? They care about you cooking their meal everyday, be at home before they arrive, take good care of the children. Who in the right mind would not want his girlfriend to be like that? Who fucking wants his wife to be home at 10 in the evening?

You’re a┬ásmart-ass. No one likes smart-ass, especially chicks. Lemme tell you, no fucking one cares about the brain.

After all, still hoping that one day you might find a dude that love you and want to marry you the way you are?

Go fuck yourself.